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[6] What You Need To Know About SEO For Your Law Firm

Dave Jenyns is the SEO king. The founder of Melbourne SEO Services joins us to talk all things SEO. Dave shares with us just what is important when it comes to SEO for your law firm website. How to ensure that you are optimising your site for Google, but more importantly for your visitors and...

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[5] How Lawyers Can Raise Their Profile With Free PR

Rebecca Derrington founded SourceBottle in 2008, and has been a disruptor in the Australian PR landscape. SourceBottle is a website that connects expert sources with journalists and bloggers. It provides journalists and bloggers with a quick response to their ‘call outs’ and ensures that they get quality sources to quote for their stories. For small...

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[3] How Lawyers Can Find Their Inner Rock Star

In episode number 3 we are joined by Trish Murray, and it is nothing short of inspiring. Trish is a stylist, model, TV presenter and key note speaker. Her passion that she shares with us is helping people have presence. Finding their inner rock star and having the confidence to really be themselves and the...

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[1] How Lawyers Can Benefit From Writing a Book

Welcome to our first episode of the Marketing News for Lawyers Podcast. I am super excited to be bringing this to you and hope that you find it informative and actionable! In this episode we talk to Susan Pierotti from Creative Text Solutions. While Susan started her career as a classical musician and travelled the...

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