[16] Share Your Passion With Renee Hasseldine

Renee Hasseldine joins us on the podcast this week to talk about how you can better communicate with clients and prospective clients through visual models. They help you to better articulate what you do and how you can add value for clients. We talk about how this can integrate into your content marketing strategy and Renee shares her own philosophies of content marketing and sharing information for free to gain trust and rapport with people.

For those that are regular listeners you may have noticed that our ‘weekly’ podcast hasn’t quite been weekly lately. I explain that after experiencing an aggravated burglary at our home in September it has taken me awhile to move myself and my young family through this experience. But we are back on board and you can expect more legal marketing tips, ideas and inspiration coming your way!

To connect with Renee and get some of the free content that we speak about in the podcast you can find her here

[12] Small firm, big marketing!

Martin Algie is the principal of MIA Contract Lawyers. He has generously taken us behind the scenes in this very candid interview to talk about his marketing, what has worked, what hasn’t and how he manages his time to invest in marketing. He is works on his business, not just in it. He has personally spent the time, effort and money to enhance his knowledge of marketing. We talk about the balance of doing marketing yourself vs getting agencies to do it, and where it is appropriate to get help.

We talk about everything from Google Adwords, re-marketing, social media, and traditional marketing.

You can find his firm, MIA Contract Lawyers here



[6] What You Need To Know About SEO For Your Law Firm

Dave Jenyns is the SEO king. The founder of Melbourne SEO Services joins us to talk all things SEO. Dave shares with us just what is important when it comes to SEO for your law firm website. How to ensure that you are optimising your site for Google, but more importantly for your visitors and potential clients.

We talk about content, and how Google responds to the content that you share on your website.

Dave very kindly offered our listeners a FREE copy of his Amazon bestseller – Authority Content, which you can grab here

If you want to reach out to Dave and get him to give your site an SEO health check or talk to him about SEO services for your firm you can find him here:

Website – Melbourne SEO Services