Month: September 2018

[14] Dealing with clients – kindness and compassion

Just me this week, no guest. My family and I went through an ordeal this week. While we were upstairs someone broke into our house and stole my handbag and car keys and then proceeded to drive off in my brand new car (6 months old). We are ok, and it could have been a lot worse. Having never gone through anything like this before it has given me a unique appreciation for grief and trauma and how people behave when they are at their most vulnerable.

I think there are some great lessons in here about care, kindness and compassion for people when they have no one looking out for their best interests. I have some advice and a gentle reminder about just how important and meaningful a lawyers role can play in someone’s life when they are at their most vulnerable.

As Ellen would say – ‘be kind to one another’

[13] How Lawyers Can Use Video

Chris Schwager from Ridge Films joins us in the podcast to talk all things video. We talk about how video can add value to your law firm, and what sort of videos you should be using. Chris shares some great tips on where you should be using video beyond just your website or a YouTube channel and I have a back to the future moment when Chris talks about the power of ‘wowing’ a prospect with a video brochure. If you haven’t seen a video brochure you can check out Chris’ video here to see what they look like.

You can find the Ridge Films website here which is full of great video content.

If you are in Sydney Chris is running a Video Marketing Workshop on the 20th September – you can find out more here


[12] Small firm, big marketing!

Martin Algie is the principal of MIA Contract Lawyers. He has generously taken us behind the scenes in this very candid interview to talk about his marketing, what has worked, what hasn’t and how he manages his time to invest in marketing. He is works on his business, not just in it. He has personally spent the time, effort and money to enhance his knowledge of marketing. We talk about the balance of doing marketing yourself vs getting agencies to do it, and where it is appropriate to get help.

We talk about everything from Google Adwords, re-marketing, social media, and traditional marketing.

You can find his firm, MIA Contract Lawyers here