[7] Marketing yourself or your firm when it comes to recruitment

Lou Hvala is the General Manager of Gatehouse Legal Recruitment. She joins me in this episode to explore the current climate in legal recruitment. We talk about what you need to be doing when it comes to presenting yourself as a candidate for career opportunities. We look at what candidates want and how to position your firm and the offering you have to attract the best talent.

You can find Lou at Gatehouse Legal Recruitment.

Gatehouse Legal Recruitment
Gatehouse is a specialist Australian legal recruitment firm, providing legal human resource solutions for law firms of all sizes, ASX listed companies, businesses and government departments. Gatehouse sources legal talent across all areas of law for professional and support positions in boutique, mid-tier and top-tier law firms, as well as in-house and government opportunities. In addition to securing the best legal talent, Gatehouse is engaged by law firms to source suitable acquisition or merger targets.
We also spoke about her new venture Alifery which is a freelance platform for lawyers.
Bringing flexibility and freedom to the legal profession.

Alifery is the online legal marketplace which connects freelance lawyers with businesses, in-house legal teams and private practice firms that have a temporary legal need or question.