[9] What Your Clients Really Want

Martin Checketts is a Partner at Mills Oakley. Today he joins me on the podcast to talk about customer value and how he is changing his customer approach from being very task driven to a focus on personal service.

Martin is a genuine and caring lawyer who really focuses on adding value to his clients.

He is an author of a book¬†“The Strategic Exit”, a guide for business owners on how to maximise value on the sale or transition of their business.

He is also the host of The Business Owners Podcast which provides Australian business owners with a resource hub to access legal information related to the running of their business. Through the podcast, Martin provides up-to-date, relevant advice which cuts through the dry and inaccessible nature of legal language, making it understandable and approachable for all. You can find the podcast here.


I spoke about the webinar I ran on constructing a marketing plan. If you want to watch the recording of webinar then you can download it here.


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