Month: August 2018

[11] A Lawyer Changing The World

Nicholas Stewart is changing the world. Once in a while you come across someone extraordinary who is doing extra ordinary things. They have niched their law firm Dowson Turco as an out loud and proud law firm. They support the legal needs of clients in the LGBTIQ community. But that isn’t what makes them stand out. Nicholas has dedicated his working life to changing the world, everything that they do within the law firm needs to make the world a better place. He does this through his pro bono work. Nicholas is the Vice President of New Theatre Properties, Director (Legal and Governance) at Rainbow Families NSW, LGBTI National Co-Chair and an executive at Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, a casual keynote speaker, a pro-bono lawyer at the Inner City Legal Centre, Kings Cross and a student in the Business and Human Rights Program (2018) of the International Bar Association and National Law Council of Australia. He is currently working to bring about a parliamentary inquiry into agency responses to LGBTI hate crimes in the 80s, 90s and 00s. In this capacity he is the pro bono lawyer for Alan Rosendale, a 1989 gay bashing victim.

In this podcast we talk about how they approach their marketing and the benefits and challenges of working in this space.


You can find Nicholas and his firm here

[10] Raise Your Profile By Being A Podcast Guest

[10] Raise Your Profile By Being a Podcast Guest

Kelly Glover is a podcast booking agent. She runs a business called The Talent Squad. In this business she books her clients onto podcasts so that they can increase their exposure and raise their profile. But she hasn’t always been on this side of the business. Her previous roles have included a career in radio as a host of a radio show that went across 22 stations in Australia and as a senior producer for the Mamamia podcast network where she won best branded podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards in 2018.

She currently lives between Sydney and New York where she acts as a booking agent and books her clients onto podcasts as guests. We talk about all things podcasts, and how to use them to raise your profile.


Plus I give a listener another chance to win 3 x free books from Audible


Kelly’s details:

Connect with her via her website – The Talent Squad and have a chat to her about how she can get you onto podcasts where your target audience is listening!

[9] What Your Clients Really Want

Martin Checketts is a Partner at Mills Oakley. Today he joins me on the podcast to talk about customer value and how he is changing his customer approach from being very task driven to a focus on personal service.

Martin is a genuine and caring lawyer who really focuses on adding value to his clients.

He is an author of a book “The Strategic Exit”, a guide for business owners on how to maximise value on the sale or transition of their business.

He is also the host of The Business Owners Podcast which provides Australian business owners with a resource hub to access legal information related to the running of their business. Through the podcast, Martin provides up-to-date, relevant advice which cuts through the dry and inaccessible nature of legal language, making it understandable and approachable for all. You can find the podcast here.


I spoke about the webinar I ran on constructing a marketing plan. If you want to watch the recording of webinar then you can download it here.


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[8] Visual Branding For Lawyers

Simon O’Halloran is a graphic designer. But I have worked with Simon on both the branding of my own business and of clients and I can confidently say that Simon is a branding legend. He takes the time to really understand your business so that he can effectively represent the essence of you and your business in a visual context. He is also just a really nice bloke!

On Episode 8 of the Marketing News for Lawyers Podcast, Simon joins us to talk about logo design and your branding. When you should be reviewing it, and how you stay true to that brand across multiple uses and mediums. With over 20 years experience he has a broad and impressive client base including professional services, government departments and retail brands.

If you haven’t reviewed your logo or visual branding in a while this is a great interview to help you understand what is involved and some of the questions you should be asking your designer.

If you want to work with Simon you can find him here



We reviewed the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I gave 2 x listeners the chance to win a voucher from Audible giving them 3 x free books on Audible. You can find Audible here

[7] Marketing yourself or your firm when it comes to recruitment

Lou Hvala is the General Manager of Gatehouse Legal Recruitment. She joins me in this episode to explore the current climate in legal recruitment. We talk about what you need to be doing when it comes to presenting yourself as a candidate for career opportunities. We look at what candidates want and how to position your firm and the offering you have to attract the best talent.

You can find Lou at Gatehouse Legal Recruitment.

Gatehouse Legal Recruitment
Gatehouse is a specialist Australian legal recruitment firm, providing legal human resource solutions for law firms of all sizes, ASX listed companies, businesses and government departments. Gatehouse sources legal talent across all areas of law for professional and support positions in boutique, mid-tier and top-tier law firms, as well as in-house and government opportunities. In addition to securing the best legal talent, Gatehouse is engaged by law firms to source suitable acquisition or merger targets.
We also spoke about her new venture Alifery which is a freelance platform for lawyers.
Bringing flexibility and freedom to the legal profession.

Alifery is the online legal marketplace which connects freelance lawyers with businesses, in-house legal teams and private practice firms that have a temporary legal need or question.