[3] How Lawyers Can Find Their Inner Rock Star

In episode number 3 we are joined by Trish Murray, and it is nothing short of inspiring. Trish is a stylist, model, TV presenter and key note speaker. Her passion that she shares with us is helping people have presence. Finding their inner rock star and having the confidence to really be themselves and the best possible one.

Personal brand is an area that all lawyers (not just partners) need to consider. Even if you are working for an organisation or in house legal you need to build a strong personal brand that is separate to your workplace. As Trish said – you already have a personal brand whether you like it or not.

We talk about lawyers who may be introverted but need to have a level of ‘swagger’ and presence and how to achieve this.

This is 30 minutes that will change the way you think about your presence and hopefully at the end of it you are walking a bit taller and feeling a bit more confident.

Trish and I spoke about her ability to connect people and in the interview I talked about a book that was all about that. At the time I couldn’t remember the name, but it is NY Times Best Seller – The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Trish does a range of speaking events and workshops in house. If you would like to connect with Trish and book her for an event you can find her here:

Trish Murray website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


I gave a tip on how to grow your engagement on LinkedIn by being more social and sharing, commenting and liking other people’s posts.