[1] How Lawyers Can Benefit From Writing a Book

Welcome to our first episode of the Marketing News for Lawyers Podcast. I am super excited to be bringing this to you and hope that you find it informative and actionable!

In this episode we talk to Susan Pierotti from Creative Text Solutions. While Susan started her career as a classical musician and travelled the world playing the violin she is now an accomplished editor and an author herself!

Susan helps us uncover why lawyers need to write a book, and the competitive advantage that it can give them. She guides us through the steps and stages of writing a book and seeking help from an editor, designer and printer. Susan makes writing a book seem easy and with self publishing cost effective.

In the interview we discussed finding an editor that is registered – here is the IPEd link

You can find Susan’s book on how to write a book – Manuscript to Market here, and you can connect with her onĀ Facebook and LinkedIn.


We also looked at how to attract the attention of journalists by responding to their call outs for quotes and interviews. In this section we talk about SourceBottle and how to get the most out of using it. You can register a free account with SourceBottle here.