[2] How A Brisbane Personal Injury Litigation Firm Is Blogging Their Way To Success

Kate Avery is one half of the team at Kare Lawyers, a personal injury litigation firm based in Brisbane. They have only been in business together for 2 years and have seen their profile rise through their use of blogging and social media. In an area of law that has restrictions on marketing, and unable to compete with the marketing budgets of the big personal injury firms they embarked on a journey of connecting with people through shared interests and experiences.

As two working mums their Instagram page and blog is filled with green smoothie recipes, school lunches, fiction book reviews and a few bits about the law. As Kate explained most of their clients are quite fearful of speaking to a lawyer, and until now have often never needed to. It is important in their area of law that they break down these barriers and show a bit of their own personality and personal lives.

Kate shares how she fits in the time to do her blogging and how she finds inspiration for what she covers.

She also gives a great tip on using Facebook groups. The two that she references in the interview are Lawyer Mums Australia and Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine.

You can find Kate and her blog at Kare Lawyers

You can also follow Kare Lawyers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


I gave a tip on making sure you have claimed your Google My Business listing. You can do this here

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